Happy Fathers Day Ghanaian Men ! 5 Reasons Why Feminism Benefits Fathers.

fffHere at Ghana Feminism we wish a Happy Father’s day to all fathers. You are trying your best, and we appreciate it. Here are 5 reasons why Feminist molds of masculinity allow for Better Parenthood.  Continue reading


Politics of Bodily Alterations: Why Bleaching Differs From Trans Body Modifications

To Sena, and those that genuinely seek answers. The suffering of Trans people is astronomical. In US and Canada, they are murdered at a rate higher than cis Black men. Trans people’s life expectancy is reported at about 30 years old, while cis people live up to about 78.To maintain moral principles that require us to reduce the suffering of our fellow human beings, I contribute this blog essay.

Marsha P Johnson trans woman advocate for Black civil rights, HIV access, and ending homelessness.
Marsha P Johnson trans woman advocate for Black civil rights, access to HIV medication, and ending homelessness.

If you can imagine the difference between a person getting nose surgery to be able to breathe again, and a person who gets a nose job to be viewed as more attractive within society, you understand fundamentally that even the same act can have completely different meanings depending on context. What is lacking in the comparison between bleaching and the actions that Transgender persons may take is just that: context. In a very real sense, Black people who bleach and seek to be more attractive to a colorist society that values lighter skin, represent the nose job. Conversely, Trans people who may choose to surgically modify their bodies are trying desperately to breathe again.   Continue reading

Shaming Women With “Ashawo” Won’t Make Your Dick Bigger

Sexism is stealing Ghanaian women’s orgasms in the following two ways. First, by attacking women for being sexual. Second, through a backward imagination of sex that causes your boyfriend to jam his penis into your unlubricated vagina repeatedly and overzealously, rabid rabbit style, until you begin quietly praying that this miserable experience masquerading as sex, is finally over. Sexual repression is the reason women having sex is viewed as a favor to men. Frankly, Ghanaian women deserve better. Yaa Asantewaa did not fight the British for Ghanaian women to suffer through unguided genital jabs, and sexist insults, such as “area hoe”, for daring to live a sexually fulfilled pleasurable life. Continue reading