Politics of Cooking: How Ghanaian Women Are Pressured Into Performing Free Labor For Men

rafWhile suspicious, there is a remarkable difference between women choosing to cook as an individual gesture of kindness and the tweet positioned to the left. This tweet represents male entitlement, and the ways in which women are expected, guilt-tripped, stereotyped and coerced by a patriarchal society to bear a majority of the burden of domestic labor. By requiring women to perform this unpaid labor, men’s time and efforts are freed so that they can continue to amass economic, social, and political power outside of the household within society at large. Our patriarchal society demands and obligates that women do domestic labor simply because they are women. Domestic labor that is unpaid, unappreciated and disrespected because it is “women’s work”. “Women’s work” is often presented as too low, and too demeaning for men with dignity to engage in. It is devalued, rarely compensated, and taken for granted. Women are expected to do this form of labor, and they are expected to do it freely, repeatedly, and without complaining. And women who refuse, or fail to learn how to properly perform, domestic labor are hailed with insults and attacks upon their dignity. They are presented as persons who have failed to grasp the necessary essentials of what it means to be a woman, they are presented as persons who have failed to perform a necessary obligation, and even worse they are presented as bad women: unworthy of love and value. Mmaa Bone. Continue reading


Beauty and The Bleach: How Patriarchy And Capitalism Conspire To Destroy Ghanaian Women


Bi Kidude

In my previous self I often felt that as a woman it was my duty to be attractive. Like a lifeless exquisite painting meant only to be admired, set in a delightful yet demure exclusive gallery, intentionally picked out by the finest art collectors. My primary purpose was to please aesthetically all those who set their eyes upon me. Until Feminism helped me realize that I was a fuckin’ person. And that people do things, rather than sit there and be pretty.  Feminists have long discussed how sexism imposes upon women the obligation to be desirable to men. Random men, ugly men, irrelevant men and undesirable men falsely believe that their subjective opinion about whether a specific woman is attractive is relevant.  Often times, desirability is a necessary obligation to fill before women are afforded respect as human beings. Such social pressures encourage women to compete with one another to earn validation and affection from men by proving to be the most attractive. However, the quest for self-liberation requires that women gain a sense of worth outside of the subjective perspectives of men, but most importantly outside of the standards of a sexist society as a whole. Continue reading

Hajia4Real : Pussy Power or Perpetuating Patriarchy?

This Image was taken from the Instagram page @Haija4Reall

You’re laying at home in the pitch Black dumsor night as the heat wells up in a suffocating manner, further carving within your existence the discomfort of your flesh. You curse the failure of the state and its infrastructure, and you realize that electricity is now a privilege. Meanwhile, Hajia4Real is probably laying on a soft, plushy-but-firm mattress in a perfectly chilled room with numerous lavender scented pillows draped in silk. She has access to excess wealth. And she got this access by capitalizing on her looks, charm, and sex appeal. Known by her Instagram name Hajia4Real, Mona is a contemporary Ghanaian icon who has been able to fashion her looks, charm and allure into an upwardly mobile position as a future wife to a wealthy, well-established, business tycoon. Is she Perpetuating Patriarchy or are her actions a feminist win for Pussy Power?


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How Hating Gay People Will Destroy Christianity In Ghana

kinto 2 Image of Emmett Till’s brutalized corpse. The colored image is that of Kinto after he was attacked by a mob of men.

On August 8, 1955 white men brutalized and killed Emmet Till for allegedly whistling at a white woman. Anxieties about interracial sex in America often caused white men to beat, torture and kill Black people.  The systematic brutalization of Black people in America was very much a part of the white supremacist Christian tradition. From state laws that banned interracial marriage  (the District Court in Loving v. Virginia upheld anti-interracial marital laws because the judge theorized that God separated the races to prevent interracial marriages) to Christian college policies that prohibited interracial sex as late as in 2000, white Christians in America often maintained that interracial sex was an abomination to God. And this sentiment created a culture where mobs of white racist men could freely brutalize, torture, and kill Black people because they were confident that their actions were sanctioned by God. Similar to hateful homophobic people in Ghana. Continue reading

Ghaminism: A Vision For Ghanaian Feminism

When it comes to liberating ourselves, it is important that we produce the knowledge behind the movements aimed at transforming our societies for the better. It is why I started this blog, and why I seek to make Ghaminism a thing. Ghanaian feminism (“Ghaminism”) is a socio-political, digital movement aimed at liberating Ghanaians from constricting gender oppression as part of a greater global movement for equity.  Continue reading