Resolving Existential Angst Through Lemonade: Black Women Are

Won’t let my freedom rot In Hell.
Imma keep running ‘cuz a winner don’t quit on herself.

– Beyonce

Beyonce smashing binaries and car windows

Before we begin asking questions about who we are, we are told who we must be. Confined to simplistic binaries, we the Black women of the world are told that we can only be what whiteness is not, we can only be what masculinity is not. At the end of this short piece, I want every Black woman to understand herself not in relation to men or to whites, but in relation only to self existence. Womanhood is not the opposite of manhood. It is not a means to balance the world. Blackness is not the opposite of whiteness, it is not all that whites fail to be.

On the contrary Black womanhood does not necessitate a definition that relies on our oppressors for existence or for relevance. Nah. We, the Black women of the world, we just are.  Continue reading