About the Ghaminism Blog

The Concept

Ghanaian feminism (“Ghaminism”) is a digital movement aimed at liberating Ghanaians from constricting gender oppression as part of a greater global movement for equity. Ghaminism is diverse and seeks to benefit all living creatures in the space of Ghana and in the world as a whole. At first there was a temptation to make Ghaminism a woman centered venture for social, economic, and political rights. While this is a noble quest, it leaves out androgynous, gender non-binary, and other marginalized gender identities that exist in Ghana. So the focus of this digital movement will make Ghaminism for everyone, with an emphasis on women, gender-non binary,152637-Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-quote-I-am-RM3v androgynous, and transgender persons. Ghaminism, like the greater global feminism, will also make room for men. Ensuring that it attacks the burden that patriarchy imposes on all persons.

This blog is also inherently intersectional. What is gender equality when poor people cannot afford to feed their families? What is gender equality when lesbians are attacked in the streets of Accra? What is gender equality when international imperial institutions undermine Ghana’s political sovereignty with threats to democratic institutions? It is futile. Gender equality inherently addresses the human condition. In seeking to undermine patriarchy, Ghaminism seeks to destroy all inequitable systems in Ghana.

Ashe nigga.

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