“Women For Gender Roles In Ghana” Protest Rice Cookers To Maintain Marriages

Well what if they invent a machine that can cook too? What will wives be for?
Well what if they invent a machine that can cook too? What will wives be for?

“Women For Gender Roles In Ghana”, a local organization filled with patriarchal princesses committed to perpetuating male dominance have issued an official statement protesting rice cookers,  dish washers, and other house-hold appliances for threatening their marital homes. In the released statement, the fearful women complained that technological advances usurped their entire life purpose of humbly providing domestic services to men as a mechanism for respect. “As women we exist to clean and cook for men in marriages,” the leader of the organization stated, “if these machines keep doing our jobs why would men continue to marry us?”  Continue reading


Mother’s Day: Reproductive Justice in Ghana

Photo Credit: http://ghanamagazine.com/life-style/relationships-dating/mothers-day-exclusive-its-all-about-my-mother/
Photo Credit: http://ghanamagazine.com/life-style/relationships-dating/mothers-day-exclusive-its-all-about-my-mother/

Happy Mothers Day !!! While we love to celebrate and fawn over mothers on this day, we often ignore the institutional needs of mothers in Ghana. The difficulty and risk of motherhood is real. Even the act of becoming a mother has cost many their lives. In 2013, within Ghana 380 out of 100,000 live births ended in mothers losing their lives. To give context, the rate for Afghanistan is 400 out of 100,000, while the rate for Sweden is 4 out of 100,000. Pregnancy and parenthood must be choices. It is why Ghana needs reproductive justice. Continue reading

To All Ghanaian Feminists – Thank you For Fuckin’ Shit Up

Pictured: Magic maker Ama Ata Aidoo with her sister.

This is for Ghanaian feminists. Of every gender and creed. Disabled and able-bodied. Gay and pansexual. Poor and rich. Hypersexual and Asexual. Religious and atheist. To all of us. I want to say Thank you. Today is not the day I tell you why intersectional Marxist Feminism is the way for us Ghanaians. No. Today is not the day I chastise some of us for being moderate. Nah. Today is the day I learn to shut up and stick to the message. Yessir. Thank you for existing.

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Short Post: Vaginas In Ghana, The Elixir Of Bliss

vaginaYesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of reading brutally negative comments about women with vaginas who engaged in pre-marital sex. So I decided to write this loving post about ALL vaginas, not just women’s. Vaginas are a euphoric source of pleasure. They are self-cleaning, self-regulating, and self-contracting independent sexual organs. So I am almost shocked that ignorant people would argue that frequent sex will “destroy” or make a vagina lose its elasticity. First, to reiterate, having sex outside of marriage does not make you unworthy of respect or love, just because you’re a woman. Second, vaginas do not care if you are married or single.  In addition to the fact that our education system has so clearly failed many, hateful comments against women who choose to have sex outside of marriage make no sense. If the claim is that frequent sex turns one’s vagina into a “gaping hole” then married women with healthy sex lives have gaping holes as well.What a rude, and hateful way to refer to the vault of wealth that has been securely tucked in between your thighs. Third, penises are just not that powerful. If babies cannot destroy the elasticity of a vagina, a penis certainly cannot take it away. Vaginas are usually tight enough to hold in menstruation aids such as tampons (which are much smaller than average penises). Checkmate misogyny. Vaginas are the elixir of bliss. So you ! Yes you with the chocolate, deep hue brown, earth tone, vagina. Kegel on in pride !