About The Team

Founder/Author – Obaa Boni


Lawyer. wanna-be freewoman.

Thomas Sankara taught me freedom ain’t free, and Ama Ata Aidoo taught me to walk out if my name wasn’t spelled right.

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To contact any member of the team, please send a message to ghanafeminism@gmail.com or fill out the comment section. You can also follow the team on Twitter at Ghaminism.

9 thoughts on “About The Team

  1. These are such amazing bios! I just discovered your site when researching for a class, and I’m really enjoying your thoughts on feminism in Ghana. Thank you for sharing them with me!

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  2. This is absolute Gold! I am a white domestic foster mom of two little girls in Kumasi and THIS IS WHAT GHANA NEEDS. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example of lived expierence and passion for my girls to see. So humbled and so excited to dig in and learn/read more. 💞


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