About The Team

Founder/Author – Obaa Boni



Lawyer. wanna-be freewoman.

Thomas Sankara taught me freedom ain’t free, and Ama Ata Aidoo taught me to walk out if my name wasn’t spelled right.

Editor – BxShola

IMG_7926BxShola’s birth was not as dramatic ,nor as riveting as Obaa boni’s.  It took place in a ward of King’s College Hospital, London, sometime in 1994. Her parents brought into this world a hodgepodge of Fante,Ewe and Yoruba ancestry, from Ghana, Nigeria and Benin Republic that still leaves her confused till this day.

BxShola grew up playing hopscotch between Accra and London, living and breathing quite a few different cultures.  This explains why she developed very unhealthy addictions to kelewele, amala, okro soup [that good fetri detsi!], Costa Chai lattes, and Cadbury’s fruit and nut.

Despite pressure to become the all-powerful, all-knowing,  “doctor in the family”, Bxshola somehow managed to carve her own path through university, choosing to read Economics at University of Birmingham and coming out with a flying solid 2:1 [we’ve been told only first class is flying 😦 ].

It was there that Miss BxShola learnt about how we humans produce things and that in our quest for production how we are going to eventually cause world annihilation, how bean-counters count their beans, how governments and international NGOs come up with their shit policies, how colonialism £$@%&^ us over, and a bunch of stuff she will never ever use again…*whispers* yet not on why  UK women make 20% less than UK men.

Right now, she’s getting her paper so one day she can RxbDisIngland, so for now she shouts her feminist chants behind a veil of partial anonymity via the Twitter feed @Bxshola .

Follow Ghana Feminism’s Account @Ghaminism.


To contact any member of the team, please send a message to ghanafeminism@gmail.com or fill out the comment section. You can also follow the team on Twitter at Ghaminism.


9 thoughts on “About The Team

  1. These are such amazing bios! I just discovered your site when researching for a class, and I’m really enjoying your thoughts on feminism in Ghana. Thank you for sharing them with me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is absolute Gold! I am a white domestic foster mom of two little girls in Kumasi and THIS IS WHAT GHANA NEEDS. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example of lived expierence and passion for my girls to see. So humbled and so excited to dig in and learn/read more. 💞


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