The Flimsy Analogy ofPenile-Vaginal Penetrative Sex As A Key And Lock?

retro-lock-key-22434747There is a popular metaphor used to deny women full control of our bodies, and used to  justify a sexual double standard. It goes like this: “A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock.” This metaphor is popular because an overwhelming majority of the population is filled with sexist dumbasses and metaphors often replace reason. It is a popular fallacious form of argument. In lieu of providing justification for a claim, people often concoct imaginative scenarios that restate the conclusion of said claim. This brief post seeks to show that (1) sexist cultural norms utilise metaphors to replace arguments to support misogynistic claims, and that (2) feminists can also construct our own metaphors to support sexual liberation. The post ends with a YouTube video showing the inside of a vagina, during penile-vaginal penetration, in missionary position. 

Random Sexist Metaphors

Sexists often utilize metaphors to justify disparate treatment on the basis of gender. Sure, one can theorise that penile-vaginal penetrative sex is like a key opening a lock; that penises represent the key, and that vaginas represent the locks. In the key-lock sex metaphor, keys that can open any locks are master keys, and locks that can be opened by any keys are cheap locks. Thus keys, the representation of men through penises,  are justified in being promiscuous, while locks, the representation of women through vaginas, are not.

Vaginas can also be imagined as powerful vortexes that rhythmically compress a penis in a fearless quest to capture the release of its essence, rather than passive locks.

Metaphors are not necessary based in reasoning or in reality. Metaphors are rhetorical tools meant to capture a listener or reader’s imagination. In the same way that sexist ideologies justify a sexual double standard using the key and lock metaphor, feminists can create our own metaphors to affirm women’s sexuality. For example, vaginas can be imagined as powerful giphyvortexes, that suck in men’s penises. Vaginas can be imagined as the kind of vortexes that suck out the essence (semen) from the stagnant pole, once the powerful vaginal walls attach and begin to compress rhythmically against it. In the above scenario, vaginas are the active agents, while penises are relegated to a passive, recipient position.

Or like this popular tweeter, I could argue that penises are like bananas, and vaginas are like mouths, and since a mouth is the active agent that chews a banana, cisgender men lose a little bit of themselves when they allow themselves to be chewed. The possibilities are endless. Utilizing literary tools, feminists can combat sexist analogies to affirm the power of vaginas, and all women’s (Trans or cis) bodily autonomy.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind the frail attempts to justify women’s subjugation, and to remember that metaphors cannot replace actual tools of reasoning. Especially when they seek to unilaterally restrict women’s right to utilize our bodies in any manner that we find acceptable.

An Inside Look Inside the Vagina during penile-vaginal penetration

Enjoy ! (The video shows nudity)



2 thoughts on “The Flimsy Analogy ofPenile-Vaginal Penetrative Sex As A Key And Lock?

  1. A pencil that can be sharpened by many pencil sharpeners is trash. A pencil sharpener that can sharpen all pencils is the master sharpener.

    See! I have now proven that promiscuous men are trash and worthy of derision.

    Seriously, I don’t understand why people think they can just pull a random metaphor out of their asses and then that’s just supposed to be an absolute truth. I’ll be skipping the vid, though.


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